Friday, December 10, 2010


             Welcome to my Professional Portfolio!! I am quite excited to get this started and i cant wait to keep adding to my journey. My name is Laura Bohneberg and I am a Phys Ed Major from SUNY Cortland. I am originally from Buffalo New York so im quite use to this cold weather we get here at Cortland. Ive been very physically active ever since i can remember, having an older brother and a father who were both very into sports, i just followed along on their adventures and i think thats where i came to love physical activity. Phys Ed was always my favorite class in school and through the amazing and imspirational teachers that i had, i knew that thats what i wante to do as a profession. Ive been gettin ginto alot of teaching in my vclasses that ive taken this semester and i must say, i picked the right field.
             I have been swimming competitively ever since i was 8 and have continued with it in college. I am a part of the Varsity swim team here at SUNY Cortland and i must say, it has been the best experience of my life. I have made some amazing friends, have met and exceeded goals that i never thought i would be able to accomplish and have been able to stay in great shape as well. I am no doubt going to take what i have learned from swimming and carry it with me the res tof my life. Whether its swimming a few laps a days to stay in shape or even maybe competing in triathalons, something i hope to get into some day, swimming will alwas be a part of me.
          So here it is folks, my Phys Ed Portfolio. Take a look, leave a commenet, let me know what you think : )


Laura Bohneberg

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